3 major Paths

If you are inquisitive enough, you may have so many questions as follows.

  • Whether anybody can become an expert & what is the method if any ?
  • How many different destinations for an expert ?
  • Why 3 major religions ? Are there any similarities

Definitely there are unique meaningful answers for these questions. We will take them one by one.

Basically there are three ways and three stages to become an expert. They are Faith, Discipline with Continual work and Vision.

Of course you can select only one path. Then you will be just an expert. If you select two paths, you will be an extraordinary expert. If you practice all three paths, you will be an unbeatable expert.

It is very unusual that there are three major religions. The keywords are Faith, Discipline & Vision. Very unusual, isn’t it ?

This explanation of three stages is not descriptive enough. Under first stage: Faith, there are 19 sub steps. Under second stage : Discipline, there are 3 sub steps. And under third stage : Vision, there are 3 more steps. Altogether there are 25 steps.

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