Sleep and Death

At the end of each day you may feel like sleeping. After a tired day, may be with some physical tiredness with some metal stress, you may need some rest in the form of a sleep. This sleep makes you fresh and energetic. You do not have any fear to sleep. You are hundred percent sure that you will wake up next day morning. Therefore you do not have any suspicious feeling on sleep.

But most of you have a strong fear to die. There can be several reasons for this fear. Either you think that you will not “Wake-up” in the next birth. Or you do not ready to give up things that you hold. Or else, since you have not experienced it before (as you think) you may have a friction towards it,

First, realize that it is another kind of sleep. As you wake-up every morning after a sleep of each night, you will definitely wake-up after a death.

Next point you should know is that it is not necessary to give up anything. The relationships, friendships and all the other bonds will continue. Death is just a sleep.

But there is a risk. You may wonder in what context you are going to wake-up. This may be your biggest question. Definitely it will be a very familiar context. If you have practiced habits and behaviors suit to a human being, to a good-mannered and well educated human being, you will continue the journey as it is. But remember that anger is not a pure human quality. It is a quality which is common to tigers and lions, and wolves and bears, but not for human beings, who can laugh, cry and talk. On top of all these things humans can believe.

All the religions were created by human beings. All the sciences and philosophies were created by them. If you have practiced qualities to suit them, definitely you will continue in the same context.

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2 Responses to Sleep and Death

  1. new definition. good to know that it’s just a sleep and we’ll continue with our loving ones…

    • kumudupinto says:

      Actually, this is not a new definition. In Buddhism, it is said that, each moment is a kind of death. On the other hand, if so, there should not be any difference between the Sleep and Death. When you try to look at theories in Religions and Philosophies in a different angle, you will get fantastic ideas.

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