3 Types of Experts

There are 3 methods to master anything or at least achieve anything. They are believing it, Learn the rules and do without breaking them, look at it analytically. You can select any one of these three paths and become a class 3 expert. Nowadays, there will be thousands of such experts in our country.

If you select believing it, as the result, you will have a large database of something. Either a memory, or else something physical. The result of believing anything will result a huge database.

If you select living without breaking rules, to achieve that, you have to do the same thing so many times. As a result of this, you will be extremely fast in doing it. The result of this path will be speed.

If you select to be analytical, as a result, you will be very accurate in it. The result of being analytical is Accuracy.

You can select any two paths and practice both. For an example, if you can believe something with an unlimited love or unlimited respect, and at the same time, if you can keep on practicing it to ensure that you will do it without breaking the rules, then as a resultof both these practices, you will have two skills at the end : a huge Database and a fantastic speed.

There are 3 types of such experts and we can call them as class 2 experts. There will be hundreds of such experts in this country.

If you can practice all the 3 paths at the same time, as a result of that, at the end, you will be having 3 very unusual skills : a Database. a Speed and a very high accuracy. You will be unbeatable. The question is whether our country has any of these Class 1 Experts.

When I say, believe something, it is not just believing anything. It is believing anything without any hesitations. Other 2 paths also same. Do not just do it. Do it completely. And try to be a Class 1 Expert.

Now we will learn the 25 steps related to this process.

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