Christiniaty, Islam & Buddhism

If you are a christian, the very basic thing you have to do is to believe in GOD. Nothing else, but believe with a clear pure heart. Then you will and you can get anything, basically anything.

If ou are a Muslim, you have two options. Either you can believe in Allah whole heatedly which will not labeled you as a perfect Muslim. You have another thing to do. That is to learn all the rules defined in Holy Qumran. Note that to be a perfect Muslim wo should not breal all the rules, you should learn all the rules.

As a Buddhist, we have to follow Lord Buddha. To become enlightened as a Buddha, there are 3 paths. Either you can select believing everything related to Dhamma. This is called “ශ්‍රද්ධා ශාසනය”. Second path is to know all the rules and try your level best to live without breaking any of them. That is called “ශීල ශාසනය”. In addition, there is an additionl path in Buddhism. That is by analysiing everything, you can get enlightenment. This is called “ප්‍රඥා ශාසනය”.

Now we have to apply these theories to day-to-day things such as Education, Career, Love, Marriage etc.

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